Canterbury Orchid Society

Who We Are


The Canterbury Society was the second orchid society to be established in New Zealand.

The following excerpt is from ‘A History of Orchid Growers in New Zealand’ complied by Nancie and Dennis Bonham, 1990.

“The Canterbury Orchid Society, founded 1951.

Renamed in 1987 but founded in 1951 as the Canterbury Orchid, Begonia and fern Society.

During the later half of 1951 four men: W G Smith; C James; R Bartlett; and E J Freeman; discussed the possibility of starting a society for those persons interested in growing orchids, ferns and begonias. The first meeting was held in the Orange Hall, Worcester st, Christchurch on March 18th, 1952, with 17 persons present.

On June 10th, 1952, forty persons attended the monthly meeting,... Mr Stokell {Clem Stokell, a well known pioneer orchid grower from Christchurch} talked about the early days of orchid growing in the Christchurch area. He mentioned that his father grew orchids at Shands Track 61 years previously, and that orchids had been growing at their home ever since.”

Six decades after its founding the Canterbury Orchid Society continues to enthusiastically promote the original aims of encouragement, education and entertainment.

Membership Subscription

An annual subscription fee of $30 can be paid directly to the Treasurer at the monthly meeting.